A Haiku Rainbow

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Peace pours down rainbows
quietly coloring life
with painted sunshine

By, floridaborne
At; rantingalong.wordpress.com

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Trading Barbs

© catsatthebar.org
Orange Plush: “May you go prematurely grey.”
Boris: “May a crochet hook get lodged under your tail.”

Friday at School

Widget, the Friday at the Office, mascot.
Widget, the Friday at the Office, mascot.

Widget: “EXAMS!?! ON A FRIDAY!?!

A Contented Saphie

© catsatthebar.org
Saphie: “A fresh-cut lawn, a shaded tree, it don’t get better than this.”

Today’s post is brought to you by the word “Schism”

Cats at the Bar
Schism: Division or disunion, especially into mutually opposed parties…species.

Everyone has an opinion, especially cats.


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