Last Year’s Bed

There once were 2 kittens who said “these flowers have eaten our bed we swear that last year our bed was right here So we’ll pee on this plant till it’s dead.” by,… Continue reading

Cats at the Bar News

“This is warning from CATB News. The poor soul behind me just looked at the latest post from our sister site Back Home in Bromont. It contains pictures of horses and…dogs! It was… Continue reading

Hot Chocolate

“Blood is really warm, it’s like drinking hot chocolate but with more screaming.” ― Ryan Mecum


Reverent beauty transcends intelligence, encompasses time. By, Floridaborne

Under The Weather

“It’s ok Mom, I got your back.”

Problem Solving

Kitty 1. oooh !! look!! Looook!! is it dead?? Kitty 2. let’s just see…get a stick, touch it’s head! Kitty 1. No! you get it. You hit it, not me Kitty 2. Ok,… Continue reading

White Nettle

There once was a white kitty who decided he wanted a view so he lay in the grass and meowed when his ass plopped down on a nettle or two. by, Floridaborne

Leggy Haiku

Fixation, a stare, a spider a pounce, a crunch, 8-legs is no more. by, Jan Byers

A Cat With No Name

There once was a cat with no name who said to himself, “what a shame I want a pet fly but they easily die.” So he settled for making one lame. by, Floridaborne

“What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

“Hey Dust Bunny! Let’s go for a drive in the country.” “…hop into the carrier…please.” “Alright, it’s your vet appointment.” “…” “I’ll just call and reschedule, shall I?” (This post was inspired by… Continue reading