“I’m standing in DIRT! D- as in dirt I- as in dirt R- as in dirt T- as in Orange Pekoe.”

The Meeting

“You call this a meeting place?” “I know, but it was the most convenient venue I could find at the last minute.” “What do you mean ‘convenient’? There weren’t even any refreshments…” “Sorry.”

Woodland Fairy Cat

Legend has it, the sight of the Woodland Fairy Cat was a sure sign that Fall was around the corner.

Chub-Chub Haiku

Sinew, ligament, muscles taut, the catten springs ~ where he ought to not. by Floridaborne http://catsatthebar.org

Dust Bunny Gets Confrontational

“Your out of control. Put down the camera and step away.”

Chub-Chub on “Getting Clean”

“If you run fast enough all the dirt falls off. Of course, you are left with all the sweat.”

Know Your Opponent

The dark villain was unaware that our hero, Onceler, was packing four fully loaded paws.

A Passionate love Affair

As their eyes met across the crowded room, memories of their once passionate love affair overwhelmed her. She knew it could never be the same again. But at least they had Paris.

Dog Qat-xote

We are us, Dog Qat-xote the lords of the luncheon the Barbecue calls and we go. And no matter the weather our tails linked together we’ll conquer the windmills that blow. By Floridaborne… Continue reading

Love at First Sight

Love at first sight is easy to understand. It’s when two people have been looking at each other for years that it becomes a miracle. –Sam Levenson http:catsatthebar.org