Chub-Chub on Monday Nights

“Wake me Friday.”

At the Dentist

Sam- “Look, if you don’t open your mouth we’ll have to sedate you!” Boris- “Nooo! Never! You’re a butcher!” Sam- “OK nurse, get the hammer.”

Only 10 Days to Halloween

“Do you realize it’s only 10 days until Halloween! Do you like my costume? Can you tell I’m a tuxedo rental store model?”

Explaining Humans

“Daddy, do humans do things like that often?” “What, you mean step on the rake, get hit in the face, scream, stagger backwards, trip over the wheelbarrow and do a three-point landing into… Continue reading

Sunday Funnies with Chub-Chub

Cat-toons created by Elayne Griffith. To see more of the adventures of Chub-Chub, you can visit us at http// Cont../2

Chub-Chub on Art

“She’s taking a bath, pthhhpt!”

Cats…well…at the Bar

Samson gets into the hard stuff. “Double cream on the rocks…and bartender, keep ‘em coming.”

Chameleon Cat Complains

“You have no idea how irritating it is to change color every two seconds. You Mono cats have it easy. I hate the fall.” “Hey look, there’s a brown patch over there!”

Halloween Costume

“Do you realize it’s only 12 days to Halloween! I don’t even have a costume yet! No…wait…I’m a black cat. I don’t need one.”

A Grassy Haiku

Slender-lean feline jaunts through summer’s last moments celebrating grass. by Floridaborne