Trick or Treating

“Daddy, will we get lots of candy?” “Oh! Right…candy. Yup, lots of ‘candy’.”

Small Scare


Feline Weary

Once upon a feline weary, pondering the canine dreary, Over many a treat and curious volume of forgotten food, While he nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a yapping, As some dog was… Continue reading

Halloween Wars

“Ok, OK, you’re a vampire, not a cotton ball. But I’m definitely a black cat! HA!”

Hairy Licorice

Halloween black cats like hairy licorice sticks frighten the humans. by Floridaborne

Monkey’s Halloween Poem

Screech in their ears gnaw at their nose, on Halloween night, anything goes! Claw out their eyes devour their souls whatever is left we’ll put in our bowls. by Floridaborne

Halloween Countdown…And a Package

“A little over a day to go until Halloween…and me! I’ll just wait here for you, shall I?”

Chub-Chub & George on National Cat Day

Chub-Chub- “George, its National Cat Day, I should get cleaned up.” George- “Are you sure you’re a cat?” Chub-Chub- “Weeeell, if you’re a rubber band, that makes me…i’m not sure. Just as well,… Continue reading

Weiss & Jeeves Model Their Halloween Costumes

“I’m a ghost!” “I’m a butler. What do you think?”

A Black Kitten Poem

The time approaches, darkens the night when the black cat howls and ghouls take flight. . The fearful humans hiding their form, parade through the streets to hide from harm. . On all… Continue reading