Thanksgiving Recovery

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“Morning guys! Breakfast is ready!”


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Happy Thanksgiving from all the gang at Cats at the Bar.

The Continuing Mystical Adventures of Blaze The Royal Jester

In our last episode the brave Knights of the Round Bowl, set off on their noble quest to find the very last tuna treat. As they tried to enter the cave of Dark & Scary, which would lead them to the castle of Ershey the evil mouse-magician,  who had stolen the last treat, they were confronted by the dreaded Dogon!
To see the entire spine tingling story, created by Elayne Griffith, visit Cat-toons at 

The Mystical Adventures of Blaze

To be Continued
By Elayne Griffith
To see all the cat-toons visit:

The Adventures of Blaze

by Elayne Griffith
To see more Cat-toons visit: Cats at the

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