The Paw of Friendship

Paws of Friendship
Buy a Cats at the Bar wristband for $8.95 (shipping included!) and we’ll donate $1.00 from each sale to the Habitat Feline.
Habitat Feline is a not-for-profit, no-kill cat shelter. The only funding they get is from people like you and me. The donation from these sales will be made on Christmas eve. With your help,  it can be a good one.

Please click on Wristband to extend your Paw of Friendship.

Thank you & Happy Holidays from all of us at Cats at the Bar.

Wordless Wednesday

Kitty Whiskers
KITTY WHISKERS (Don’t know what she’s doing but she didn’t say a word)

8 Shopping Days Left

Dust Bunny
Dust Bunny comes to the horribly realization that there are only eight shopping days left and he has seventeen presents to buy!

We’re Caroling in the Rain

Bear Kit
While we watched the freezing rain pelt the windows, Bear Kit broke into a boisterous rendition of Deck the Halls.

Baking Bread with Tsuki

“Honey, I think the dough has risen enough. Should we put it in the bread maker?”

T-shirt Giveaway Winner

Jr. B - Boris - Samson
We held a contest! The question was; name the three kitties in the picture. They are all regulars on Cats at the Bar, from the left Jr. B, Boris & Samson.

Thanks to everyone for entering! We had many right answers, so we held a draw and the winner is…D. Parker! Congratulations!

By the way D. has a wonderful blog which I highly recommend, you can drop by and have a look at YADADARCYYADA.

If you want to buy a Cats at the Bar shirt of your own, they are available in all sizes and you still have time to get them for the holidays! Just click here, Boutique

Thank you all for supporting Cats at the Bar and we’ll see you on the next contest.

The Ribbon and the Chub-Chub

The Ribbon and the Chub-Chub
Chub-Chub: “Oh pretty ribbon, so colorful, so soft…sooo gone!”

Where’s Blaze Contest

A special holiday contest just for you!

Elayne Griffith, the brilliant illustrator of Cat-toons featuring Dust Bunny and Chub-Chub, is giving you the opportunity to win a wonderful gift – a personally signed 8″ X 12″ illustration of your favorite Cats at the Bar character.

Here’s how to win:

Find Blaze. He’s hiding somewhere in the picture. To enter; email your answer to

If you’re not sure what Blaze looks like, here’s a picture of him hiding behind Boris. Contest ends Saturday December 20th at 6:00PM when we announce the winner.

Unfortunate Timing

Saphie_marked (2)
Saphi: “Apparently winter doesn’t start for another week.”

Nusery Rhymes

Nursery Rhymes
“OH NO! You stepped on a crack! Now Mom will have to go to the chiropractor.”

Everyone has an opinion, especially cats.


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