Victory in Defeat

“Defeat may serve as well as victory To shake the soul and let the glory out.” –Edwin Markham

Haiku Lizard

Cat relaxation, flat-out on a bed with friends, dreaming of lizards. by, Floridaborne

The Difficulties of Being a Biped

“Oooo!…Owww! See, that’s what happens when you only have two legs.”


“I’m standing in DIRT! D- as in dirt I- as in dirt R- as in dirt T- as in Orange Pekoe.”

The Meeting

“You call this a meeting place?” “I know, but it was the most convenient venue I could find at the last minute.” “What do you mean ‘convenient’? There weren’t even any refreshments…” “Sorry.”

Woodland Fairy Cat

Legend has it, the sight of the Woodland Fairy Cat was a sure sign that Fall was around the corner.

Chub-Chub Haiku

Sinew, ligament, muscles taut, the catten springs ~ where he ought to not. by Floridaborne

Dust Bunny Gets Confrontational

“Your out of control. Put down the camera and step away.”

Chub-Chub on “Getting Clean”

“If you run fast enough all the dirt falls off. Of course, you are left with all the sweat.”

Know Your Opponent

The dark villain was unaware that our hero, Onceler, was packing four fully loaded paws.