No Fleas on Me!

“Where the hell did all these fleas come from?…CHUB-CHUB!”

A Black and White Haiku

Whirls of black and white reflecting light shadow eyes learning to wonder. by Floridaborne

Chub-Chub on Climbing Trees

“The thing about climbing trees is, sooner or later you have to figure out how to get down…crap I’m high!”


“Morning! I’m off to work so I need you to keep an eye on things. OK?”


By Elayne Griffith For those of you that don’t know Chub-Chub, let us introduce you. “It appears my genetic color coding has run amok.”

Sunday Funnies (Part 7)

Is Orange the New Black?

‘Sphinx?’ ‘Yes Possum?’ ‘Am I….different to the other cats?’ ‘Whatever do you mean?’ ‘I mean, I’m different somehow. You all love Posh Spice.’ ‘And…?’ ‘I love Ginger Spice.’ ‘Oh.’ ‘And all of you… Continue reading

World Cat Wrestling

“It’s another barn burner here on WCW! The Black Sheik is down but has Onecler “The Hitman” Katt in a headlock. It’s been nothing but none stop action! OH NO! It looks like… Continue reading

Nap Time

Heavy head resting atop a child who wonders… When will nap time end? by, Floridaborne

Fortune Cookie on Generosity

“I’m a very generous cat. I have contempt for everyone.”