Love Tips From Tsuki

created by Elayne Griffith

Chipmunk See Chipmunk Do

chipmunks“Gentlemen, we will have to accept the fact that we will not find our cache of mice until the springtime. How the chipmunks do it is beyond me.”


DSC_0139 (3)
Boris: “You DO realize you are on the SIDE of the bird house.”
Peanut: “I was wondering why the sky had twigs sticking out of it.”

Communing With Nature

Tsuki: “My pee froze.”

Kitten Lullaby

DSC_0035 (3)
Sing to me a lullaby
of chicken legs and birds that fly
of lizards jumping in the sky
and rodent flavored pudding pie.
Yes, sing to me a little song
as soothing as the day is long.

by Floridaborne

A Wing and a Prayer

Kimchi: “Holy crap, this is high! Now I understand the whole wing thing.”

Shakespeare…sort of

“But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Charcoal is the sun.”

A Kitty Ditty

A Kitty Ditty
Picture me saying that
I’m merely playing at
tongue and cheek merriment
to your embarrassment.
I’m never sitting still
so you can show your skill.
this is my silly look
…now go away.

by, Floridaborne

Wordless Wednesday

DSC_0026 (2)
Dust Bunny: “Harrumpf”
(Technically “Harrumpf” is not a word.)

Welcome to Canada

DSC_0010 (3)
Saphie: “Welcome to Canada. If you’ll just follow me, I’ll show where the litter box is buried.”

Everyone has an opinion, especially cats.


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