Cats at the Bar, Post # 1,000

Kitty with tongue out 5 (4)
It all started with Dust Bunny’s baby picture and I thought it only fitting to reprise him for this one. His sympathetic eyes and precocious… commentary on the world, has been the cornerstone of CATB.
But this post would not be possible without YOU. It is your likes, comments, follows that make this whole wacky blog possible.
So, it is from, Tsuki, Ink, Grauman, Willie, Insa-nity, Coffee, Zazzy, Ghost, Spirit, Bean, Fortune Cookie, Kimchi, Butternut, Paulie, Little Grey, Saphie, M.F, Oncler, Tringles, Boris, Jr. DB, Weise, Shilo the cat-dog, camera guy and the one and only Dust Bunny, we say with love, thank you, one and all! And remember,
“Everyone has an opinion, especially cats!”